Behind the Scenes: On the Trail

Sometimes, art imitates life. Sometimes, life imitates art! This is one of those times.

After the first two stories featuring Peanut, Butter, and Crackers, I thought it would be funny to write an adventure. It seemed like a good idea to take these characters on a road trip to a place outside their comfort zone. A camping trip seemed like a fun idea and what better way to get to the campground than in a camper van.

Author's camper van

When I first began to work on this book I didn’t own a camper van. But at some point, it seemed like a fine idea. Maybe this story inspired me to try the adventure in the real world.

We loaded our fur family up and took a drive in our camper van from California to Georgia. And then, after a few weeks, we turned around and did it again!

Paige Braddock and fur babies in cabin

The dogs, Buddy Barker and Charlie, seemed to enjoy the road trip much more than our cat, Otis! Only once did we have to rent a cabin along the way to give Otis some space. Cats like to have their own space.

On the Trail is about home and all the places we find it.