Book One

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A goofy new puppy rocks the world of a high-strung dog and a snarky cat in this hilarious graphic novel for early readers out September 2020 from Viking Books for Young Readers.

Crackers, a goofy dog who goes nuts over squirrels and Butter, a plump cat who loves licking butter, have a nice, cushy, life together — until the day their human comes home with a puppy!

Floppy-eared Peanut is afraid of the dark: yowl! He dips into all the food bowls: slurp! He drools, chews up stuff, always wants to play, and hogs the human’s lap.

Crackers and Butter have had it with all the puppy mayhem. Peanut has to go! But when the little puppy does wander off and gets lost, the older animals remember what it was like to be alone — and lonely. Butter and Crackers to the rescue!

A laugh-out loud graphic novel for beginning readers that’s an endearing story about friendship and acceptance.

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